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Steps To A Home Sell And Rent

You may be forced out of necessity to sell your home due to financial losses or illness. What if you have to sell your home quickly because you need the cash but you have no new home to go to? You can sell your home and rent it back. You change positions from homeowner to tenant in a few simple steps.

You will first want to gather some information about your home. You need the price of your home (what it would sell for), the average cost of rent in your location and the maximum amount of rent payments you can afford to pay per month. After you have gathered this information you are ready to get started.

Apply on line, sending details about your home. You will receive a phone call from our company which will likely include an over the phone offer on your home. No visit required for this first offer, which is often eighty to eighty five percent of the current market value.

When the offer is agreed upon your home will be sold to our company and a completion date will be agreed upon with you and us. You agree upon an affordable monthly payment for rent and agree to a tenancy period.

With our sell to rent back scheme, your home is sold quick and easy with the highest cash offer available to you. A simple process and you are saved from losing your home and uprooting your family to a new location.

Risk Warning: If you enter into a sale and rent back agreement you are unlikely to get the market value of your home and, as a tenant, may only be able to remain there for a limited period. There may be other options available. Please ask for a Key Terms Statement.

We do NOT offer the sale and rent back arrangements anymore. These arrangements are no longer authorised by the Financial Services Authority. No company can legally offer you a sale with a rent back. However, if you’re interested in selling without renting back, please get in touch with us today as we will be able to make you an offer.

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