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Sell Your House With The Option To Rent Back

There are a number of people who are forced to sell their home out of necessity. Job loss, medical bills and death of a loved one can lead to additional expenses that can create a homeowner to fall behind in their mortgage payments.

There are opportunities to remain in your home even after it is sold. Through a rent back scheme, a homeowner can sell their home and become a tenant. Our company will purchase the home with a cash offer. A typical offer is usually eighty to eighty-five percent of the current market value. The rent and a tenancy agreement are agreed upon and based on the tenant's budget. This process is quick, easy and available to homeowners nationwide. We will respond within 24 hours with a quote. You can feel confident saying "I can sell my house and rent it back".

This process can be completed in a month or shorter. The sale of your home can be completed as quickly as you need it to be sold. We do our best to make the sale of your home tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. We guarantee the sale of your home and both the existing mortgage as well as any attached legal fees is paid off in full. You have nothing to lose by contacting us. You can at a minimum know what your home can be sold for and what your rent would be to remain in your home. A rent back option can be a quick and easy method to relieving yourself from an overwhelming mortgage payment each month.

A rent back option can be a way to regain control over our finances through the sale of your house. This process keeps you from uprooting your life to move to a new location. You can remain in your home and continue to live life as usual with lower rent payments that assist you in financial stability. If you want more information on how to sell your home and rent it back, contact us for a free quote.

Risk Warning: If you enter into a sale and rent back agreement you are unlikely to get the market value of your home and, as a tenant, may only be able to remain there for a limited period. There may be other options available. Please ask for a Key Terms Statement.

We do NOT offer the sale and rent back arrangements anymore. These arrangements are no longer authorised by the Financial Services Authority. No company can legally offer you a sale with a rent back. However, if you’re interested in selling without renting back, please get in touch with us today as we will be able to make you an offer.

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